Brookes Learning and Teaching Exhibition and Conference 2021

Beyond the classroom: Supporting students’ sense of belonging during the pandemic

Professor Berry O’Donovan, Oxford Brookes Business School
Co-exhibitors: Dee Clayton | Karen Handley, Oxford Brookes Business School | Indroneel Chatterjee (student)

A linked poster will overview three ‘priority enhancement groups’ (PEGs) focused on providing students with enriching ‘beyond the classroom’ experiences that help orientate them in the Oxford Brookes Business School and develop their sense of belonging.

The poster will overview the objectives, main dimensions, benefits and challenges of three PEGs: promoting community, engagement, and extended induction. Links will be provided to selected recordings and materials showcasing individual activities. The intent is to create a compendium of activities in AY 20/21 and the lessons learnt from them that will be of value to both staff and students now and in the future.