Brookes Learning and Teaching Exhibition and Conference 2021

BXtra, the new student website – who, what, why, where, and how is it going?

Dr Andrea Macrae, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Co-exhibitors: Monika Zilionyte (student)

This exhibit is an introduction and review of BXtra, the new OBU student website, nine months into this BTEF project. BXtra features student-created content about their studies and extra-curricular activities during their time at Brookes, to showcase student achievements, boost their online profiles and digital communication skills, and increase OBU student cohort identity and engagement. This exhibit is a podcast conversation between Dr. Andrea Macrae, the project lead, and MA student Monika Zilionyte, a leading member of the student editorial team.

Listen to the BXtra Podast on the new student website – “who, what, why where, and how is it going?”