Brookes Learning and Teaching Exhibition and Conference 2021

Creative coursework: Student-centred assignments

Cathy d’Abreu, Oxford Brookes Business School Co-exhibitors: Dana Wentworth, Oxford Brookes Business School | Francesco Perrotti (student), Sabrina Theodoro (student).

INFO3009 Intercultural Communication, a compulsory Foundation module, engaged students with new digital literacies during Covid. Here we present a collage of students’ audio-visual work, creatively crafted in video format, presented by the students themselves on the topic ‘My cultural Identity’. The collation aims to show how ‘the task provides an authentic opportunity for students to reflect on and articulate, explicitly or implicitly, vital questions concerning inclusivity and diversity. The video format facilitates new forms of communication and learning that students have readily embraced” (van Wyk, 2020). Rich, thoughtful visuals and culturally diverse narratives engage very personally with the students’ own lives and experiences, while being united to various theoretical frameworks.