Brookes Learning and Teaching Exhibition and Conference 2021

Creative Industries Innovation Hub

Lucy Turner, Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

The Brookes Creative Live Lab is a new concept for Brookes from the Faculty of TDE that is important in the post-Covid world. The Live Lab will act as an intermediary connecting stakeholders: Brookes staff, students, researchers, local/national/global business, charitable organisations, cultural organisations, Oxford City Council and Social Enterprises as well as with citizens in the community for joint value co-creation. It will be an eco-system for enterprising ideas to benefit all stakeholders which will manifest in Live Projects, competitions, real-world experiences and research opportunities. It seeks to build a stronger and broader network with local businesses in order to provide students and industry with new opportunities for work experience, freelance projects and short-term contracts. We would like the talents of Oxford Brookes Students to be showcased to our networks so the students enhance their enterprise and employability opportunities in their studies to improve their social, human and cultural capital whilst also giving a range of organisations a source of local diverse talent.

The video will present the concept of the Live Lab through visuals, quotes and evidence of other Universities where concepts like this have been successful. Colleagues can learn about the idea, make suggestions about how the Live Lab could impact them and feedback with their thoughts on how it can be applied in different Schools/Faculties.