Brookes Learning and Teaching Exhibition and Conference 2021

Guidance for speakers

BLTEC 2021 Hopin guidance for speakers

1. Registration

If you haven’t already, register for the conference event on hopin. You’ll be asked to enter your name, contact details, and information about your faculty. You’ll also be prompted to let us know if you have any accessibility requirements. If you say yes, we’ll contact you by email to confirm your requirements and what we can do to assist you.

2. Speaker Setup

We’ll configure your account as a speaker on hopin and send you a Backstage Link for you to join us as a speaker on the day.

3. Login and Backstage Setup

On the day of the conference, please log in 15 minutes before your session is due to begin, we can then use the backstage chat to make sure you’re set up and ready for your presentation. Please note you must be logged into your hopin account.

The backstage window on hopin with navigation to the left and the main window to the right
Hopin Backstage Area

4. Go live

When it is time for you to present, you’ll be asked to click the share audio and video button and we’ll broadcast your presentation to the main stage. 

During your presentation, it would be advisable to mute the main stage to stay focused on your presentation in the backstage area. You can still monitor and respond to questions from attendees in the Event chat tab.

Sharing slides and other resources:

The share screen button (highlighted below on the bottom bar enables you to share a window or app from your local machine, please note, if you are using the share screen function to play a video, the sound must have started before you share the screen.

The share screen icon is highlighted within the hopin presentation window
Sharing your screen during a hopin session.